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Spiritual Training Cycle: Foundation (wk. 7/13)

I want you to imagine that you are at the gym for a minute and you’re about to start class. While everyone is still huddled by the whiteboard, your coach tells you that you are going to be taught instead by a world renown fitness athlete. This athlete can be anyone you can think of.

Let’s imagine that it’s Mat Fraser. Even if you don’t know everything about him, I’m sure you know his name. Not only was he the 5x back-to-back CrossFit Games Champion from 2016-2020 but he is currently training the 2nd place finisher of the 2022 CrossFit Games. If those are not enough credentials, through his business, HWPO, he serves thousands of athletes in the fitness community to help them reach their fitness goals through the programming he developed. I don’t know about you, but I would be completely thrilled to be coached by Mat Fraser. Am I right?

Without saying a word, we can all recognize someone like Mat Fraser for what he did. Behind his accolades are commitment, discipline, and perseverance to a degree we can’t fully comprehend. We might think we know what it takes because it must include the obvious of exercise, sleep, recovery, and nutrition in some way, but the process is still hidden to us. In the face of someone great is something greater underneath. Mat Fraser wasn’t made great when he made it to the podium but through the thousands of decisions he made each day to get him there.

God’s creation is different in a sense that instead of capturing our attention for what it has done, it demands our attention for what it is. The heavens, the skies, the sun, all speak volumes of greatness without having to say a word or speech. Take the Grand Canyon for example. No one really needs to explain to you what the Grand Canyon is while you’re struggling to see 200 miles across the rim for you to be left breathless by its existence. Even with all the facts that we know of it, we can’t fully comprehend how it was created.

But as we know, in the face of something great, is something greater behind it.

But as we know, in the face of something great, is something greater behind it. Even creation in all its splendor bows in reverence to the God who has created it. While there are an infinite number of things to try and comprehend about God, He has made one thing abundantly clear, and that is His love for us through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus left His greatness in heaven for the purpose of something greater on earth. On the cross where He was sentenced to die, He was without words to acquit himself. At the moment of His final breath, all of creation stood in attention to His greatness. His love is something we can be reminded of every time we look up at the sky and observe the beauty of God’s creation. There’s no one greater in this world that loves you as much as God does.

Questions for Reflection:

What does creation reveal to you about the greatness of God?

What do you enjoy most about the world God created?

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