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The Hope Project builds spiritually healthy fitness communities by teaching a training system known as spiritual fitness. Spiritual Fitness is the development and consistent practice of exercises that connect you to God. In the same way you use physical exercises to build physical fitness, you use spiritual exercises to build spiritual fitness. Spiritual fitness training is the path to a deep connection with God and a richer, more fulfilling life. The Hope Project teaches spiritual fitness one-on-one through spiritual coaching and in community through small groups.



In 2019, Trey Steele founded The Hope Project. After serving on church staff for six years, Trey realized in order to reach more people with the Good News of the Gospel, he would need to take the message to them. As a veteran CrossFit coach and former gym owner, Trey saw the opportunity sitting in community fitness gyms like his around the globe. “People don’t join a community fitness gym, like a CrossFit gym, just to get fit. They join to be part of a community and something bigger than themselves.” It’s community gyms where The Hope Project is focused. “What we’re really trying to do is build a community within the community. When we partner with a gym, our goal is to ignite a movement for spiritual fitness. Movements start with a small group of people. The beauty of spiritual fitness is it reaches beyond the movement. You don’t have to be part of a Hope Project small group to sense the presence of God in a gym. As the movement grows, Hope Project partner gyms exude a vibrance to their broader communities as more people are drawn to their loving, compassionate, and encouraging community of athletes.”


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