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God's Will is not a Bullseye

When I began my spiritual journey, the will of God was this mysterious thing that I just couldn’t wrap my head around. The enormity of the Creator of all things having a will and a desire for my life – that was intense to think about! But like with anything, as the journey gets under way, you begin to see things in a different manner. And so it was with God’s will. I felt compelled to start some spiritual habits. I felt convicted to stop some ways of thinking and ways of acting. Even though I couldn’t have told you that I was within God’s will for my life, as I reflect back, I know that’s exactly what was happening.

But let me let you in on a little secret. Some of you probably need to sit down before you read this, because this may wreck your theology. The will of God is not a bullseye. What? That’s right. No bullseye. Do you know how impossible it would be to live a fulfilling spiritual life with a bullseye as your goal? You know why? Because you would always be getting it wrong. Or worse, you’d be paralyzed at making the easiest decisions for fear they’re not “God’s will.”

Do you pray over every decision you make? Thinking about brushing your teeth, better dial up the Big Guy first. Chick Fil A or a burger, man I’m gonna need a scripture on that. Of course you don’t. Well, how do you know that beef is God’s will and not chicken? You don’t, because they’re both God’s will. You can eat cow or poultry and be pleasing to God. You can brush your teeth now, or do it later, and you are within the will of God. That’s because God gives us the freedom to choose many things that are within His will – our challenge is to choose them with joy!

Think of God’s will as more of a roadway. You’re on a nice big highway with no traffic, great scenery, top down, and your favorite song on. You’re in God’s will. But to the right and left of the road are ditches. Those are your selfishness, your self-centeredness, your pride, you know all the things. It’s not God’s will for your life for you to think of yourself as more important than everyone else. So, get out of the ditch and get back on the road. But what car to buy, what home to sell, what business to start, if you have freedom to choose, choose with joy!

The way we grow to know God’s will better is through the Holy Spirit. There’s this tug-of-war for your heart going on. On one hand is your selfish nature, on the other hand is God’s Spirit. The Spirit draws you onto the road of the will of God where your life becomes an expression of His love. There’s freedom on the road so enjoy it and enjoy knowing you’ll never hunt for another bullseye again.

Questions for Reflection:

Why do we ask God to help with certain decisions and not others?

Is the idea of God’s will as a roadway rather than a bullseye reasonable? Why or why not?

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