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The Rear-View Mirror

I’ve heard a few communicators use an illustration of a windshield and a rear-view mirror. The idea is that it’s best to focus on the things in front of you, hence why the windshield is so large, specifically in comparison to a vehicle’s rear-view mirror. I’ve seen the illustration expanded on, talking about how objects in the rear-view mirror grow smaller over time, indicative of the memories of our lives. That’s all pretty good stuff by the way. People who live in the past miss the present and have no hope for the future. But have you ever tried to drive a car with no rear-view mirror? How about the extended family road trip where two weeks of your belongings blocks its view? It’s difficult to drive without a rear-view mirror. Combined with the side mirrors and windshield, it offers the most complete perspective of everything going on around us. I know for many of you, 2020 can’t get in the rear-view mirror fast enough. Yet as we make our way into 2021, I thought it beneficial to share a few things 2020 taught me, before these observations get too far away and disappear from my rear-view.

Balance is a myth – we live in tension

I have wanted to live a balanced life for so long, but never felt I could. Just like we balance tires or our checkbook, I thought I could balance the demands of my personal and professional life. Something just never felt right though. This year I realized we live in tension. It’s about using positive tension to generate new life outcomes.

The end state matters, so what’s yours?

As a goal planner and high achiever, there’s nothing I love more than smashing a goal. As I reflect on much of my life, I realize even though I thought I was crushing it, I wasn’t. There is a greater purpose and fulfillment in life, but until you reorder the end state, you’ll never experience it.

We have spiritual voids only God can fill

Regardless of where people are on the whole “does God exist or not” spectrum, most will agree that humans are more than just physical beings. We have a spiritual nature. Call it a soul, a gut feeling, a heart thing, or any other label you’ve got, there’s something intrinsic to humanity that is both integrated and complex. One of the fittest athletes ever in the history of CrossFit reminded me of the power of surrendering to God.

All people should not have the same access to you

It shouldn’t take a corner office and an administrative assistant to realize how valuable our time really is. Not everyone who’s on your calendar should be on your calendar. Recover the margin in your life and build your accessibility starting with the people most important to you.

Setbacks are platforms for comebacks

Getting knocked down is a part of life, and events in 2020 knocked us down. What if God allowed that setback to prepare you for the biggest comeback of your life? Spiritual Fitness is a transformational process and transformations require pressure. God uses pressure in our life to refine us in the process.

I’m excited for the future ahead. Let me encourage you to take time to reflect on some of what 2020 taught you. Feel free to add your own lessons to this list in the comments below. I pray that God continues to enhance your spiritual perspective on life. I pray that you find more purpose and meaning in the life you’re living. And I pray that others around you would be drawn to their own journey of spiritual fitness by seeing the transformation in yours. God bless and Happy New Year!

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