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Spiritual Training Cycle: Foundation (wk. 1/13)

The New Year is here. 2023 brings with it so many opportunities. For some, it’s a beginning. People will be walking into a gym for the first time, or the first time in a long time. They’ll begin making new friends in fitness communities and begin the start of what will hopefully become new healthy habits. Others are continuing. They’re continuing to take on new athletic challenges, such as double-unders or even triple-unders, and putting a bigger focus on physical training. Whether you are beginning or continuing, don’t just train this year. Train with a purpose.

Memes may abound and Instagram accounts may be dedicated to it, but it’s true. Training with purpose matters. Purpose changes how you prepare. It changes what you’re willing to sacrifice. And it changes what you’ll gain as a result. But physical results are not our only purpose for training in community fitness gyms. You also train for the purpose of connecting with others, to motivate and encourage them while they motivate and encourage you. You train together because there’s something special that happens when you do – you discover more of who you are. You discover your purpose.

And that’s important because you were created on purpose. You were distinctly designed by God. You’re no accident! As God designed you, He gave you the freedom to choose for yourself, to decide what ‘s best for you and what isn’t as you navigate this thing called life. There’s not another you in the whole world. You’re one piece of the puzzle known as humanity, and without you the puzzle would be incomplete. Your purpose isn’t based on your personal bests in the gym, your benchmark workout times, or how many abs are visible. It’s found in knowing that you matter to God. And you matter to God because He created you on purpose.

He also created you for a purpose. Your purpose is not what you do. You may be an athlete, a coach, a boss babe, a business owner, or a stay-at-home parent. And all of those are important. But they’re not your purpose. Your purpose stems from who you are, not what you are. You were created to be loving, to be joyful, to be kind, to be peaceful, and to be patient. Certainly not an all-encompassing list, but you see where I’m going. Your character should point people to your Creator and that’s your true purpose in life. Who you are goes with you in every aspect of what you do. So, take time to focus on who you are. Remember, training isn’t just physical, it’s also spiritual. This year don’t just check a bunch of spiritual boxes like praying or reading the Bible. Don’t just go through the motions. Instead, train your spiritual nature. And do it with purpose.

Questions For Reflection:

For what purpose has God specifically designed you? How close are you to living into that purpose?

If faith in Jesus is the start to discovering our true purpose in life, why do you think so many people are hesitant or resistant to do it?

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