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Perhaps Today

I love overhead squats. I know some of you think that’s nuts, but hey, at least I didn’t say burpees. No, in fact I love to squat, and I love to hold some weight overhead while I do it. Even though our gym publishes the next day’s workout at 8:00 p.m. the night before, the coaching staff gets all the workouts at the beginning of the week. When I began coaching at CrossFit 737, I used to get so pumped when the workouts were sent to us. Even if it was on my phone, I would immediately pop it open and start reading. I wish I could say it was to get an early start on the workouts I would be coaching that week, but the truth is I was searching. For overhead squats. Two words entered my mind as I scrolled with nervous anticipation – perhaps today.

While I may be alone in my love for overhead squats, I’m in good company when it comes to seeking workouts that have our favorite exercises in them. Come on, if you like to swing a kettlebell then you like seeing kettlebell swings in the WOD. From handstand push-ups to power cleans to double unders, we all have a favorite. But that has nothing to do with the methodology behind CrossFit. In 2007, “Understanding CrossFit” was published in the CrossFit Journal. The author noted the whole point of constantly varied work was to, “…prepare for any physical contingency. Not only for the unknown, but the unknowable as well.” Any physical contingency. Man, that’s a mouthful. But it really puts the training we do in perspective. I’m not in the gym waiting for my favorite exercises. I’m in the gym training for whatever comes my way in life. The development of my physical fitness is preparing me for any physical situation I may encounter – perhaps today.

But what about your spiritual life? Do you consider yourself to be training for any spiritual contingency? Cause you know life will bring them. But this is not about doom and gloom. I see too many people waiting for something bad to happen in their life. Have you ever known anyone like this? They’ve had a few successes and now they’re in preparation for the impending storm they just know they’re going to face. That’s no way to live a rich and flourishing life. Think about the spiritual contingency of being asked to pray for someone. Are you preparing to pray for others? Think about the spiritual contingency of bringing peace and unity to a hostile situation. Are you preparing to put other’s needs before you own and try to see things from their perspective?

Spiritual fitness is not a defense plan for when life poops on you. It’s a journey into deeper intimacy with God. As you learn to trust God more and put your faith fully in Him, He is preparing you for the unknown and unknowable. For any spiritual contingency. God will open your eyes to new insights and possibilities. He will open doors to new opportunities and close doors to old ones. If that’s good news to you, then are you living life like that? Do you wake up excited for what God is doing in your life? When I stopped searching for overhead squats and realized I was training for a bigger purpose, it changed my life. Open yourself up to the idea that your connection with God is also for a bigger purpose. He will reveal Himself to you in new ways – perhaps today.

Questions for Reflection:

How does your spiritual life reflect your enthusiasm for what God is doing? Where do you find yourself spiritually dry?

Do you have a sense of urgency to grow spiritually? Why or why not?

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