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Perfect Power

Spiritual Training Cycle: Presence (wk. 10/13)

Weakness. Not exactly the buzzword athletes love to throw around, but the truth is we all have them. From biomechanical weaknesses to muscular weaknesses to agility and coordination weaknesses, there’s plenty of weakness to go around. Sometimes our weakness is hitting the snooze button too many times! And by the way, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with weakness. In our gym we like to say, “We’re all working on something.” In other words, we’ve all got things we want to get better at. But to really grow sometimes you must get to the core of your weakness and the best way to do that is failure. Failure can be the catalyst to developing perfect power.

Maximum lifts and benchmark WOD’s aside, let’s step outside the gym for the rest of this article and look at the concept of weakness from a broader perspective. Because if you think it’s hard to admit a weakness in the gym, I’d argue it’s even harder outside the gym. Some of you know because the last job you interviewed for included the question, “What would you say is your biggest weakness?” And if that was you, no doubt you tried to spin your weakness into a strength. At least that’s what your recruiter told you to do. And this is where we see a big struggle with weakness – culture says to de-emphasize it. Think about it. There are best selling books, on-line testing platforms, and entire companies dedicated to helping you discover and develop your strengths.

Because failure is not really an option. At least not on social media. When people say someone’s Instagram story is their highlight reel, they’re right. You have no idea how many “takes” it took to get what they wanted to show the world. And if someone does chronicle their failed family photo or whatever it is, the comments are often the equivalent of the southern phrase, “bless their heart.” People are failing at life caught in the tension of being weak but not knowing what to do with it. Your weaknesses in life often reveal where you need God the most.

Your weaknesses in life often reveal where you need God the most.

Because God provides perfect power. He’s the source you need not to cover up your weakness, but to comfort you in it. When you blow it as a parent, God doesn’t make it go away. Rather, He loves you through your brokenness. He invites you into a place of vulnerability, to be honest with your kids about who you are and where you’re weak. You’re reminded of the forgiveness He’s given you as you receive forgiveness from your loved ones. His power is made perfect in your weakness.

So don’t be ashamed to be weak. You develop humility every time you tell the world you can’t do it all. Don’t fear failure. Your breakdowns create space for God’s breakthroughs. And failure can be the catalyst for revealing God’s perfect power.

Questions for Reflection:

Do you ever feel caught in the tension of being weak but not knowing what to do about it?

How does failure shape humility in your life?

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