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Spiritual Training Cycle: Surrender (wk. 3/13)

Great coaches are often great leaders, motivators, and teachers. I had just such a coach when I attended my CrossFit Level One certification in 2013 – none other than Cherie Chan. If you’re new to the sport, that name’s not too familiar. If you’ve been around, no doubt you’ve heard of her or her husband Matt Chan. Shortly after lunch, Cherie introduced me to the kipping pull-up for the first time. I immediately thought, “There’s no way I’m doing one of those anytime soon.” Next thing you know, she’s got us on the gym floor rolling around from a hollow hold to a superman hold. And what do you know, it translated to the bar! Then we were back to the floor to work hip extensions (yep, the old feet over the fence cue). Once again, translates to the bar! Finally, we worked on an aggressive push away from the bar to carry our energy back into the starting position. In less than half an hour, Cherie didn’t just teach me the kipping pull-up, she enabled me to do them.

Who’s enabled you to do something in your life? Of course, I mean that in a positive healthy way. Who’s made something possible, practical, or easy for you to do? Maybe that was a teacher who took a complex subject and made it digestible. For some of you, it might have been one of your parents or grandparents. Others of you relate to my story of Cherie because you’ve had coaches in your life enable you to do some amazing things. Whether you realize it or not, there was something you couldn’t see which kept you from doing all you could. They didn’t just bring knowledge to the table, they brought application, a way of opening your eyes to a new possibility. And in a very short time, what was cloudy suddenly became clear. From kipping pull-ups to geometry to life skills, you began a journey of confidence wondering what else in the world you were capable of or whose life you could impact.

God also enables you to do great things. You know how He does it? By His grace. God’s grace enables you to do so many things. Here’s a few of them. God’s grace enables you to become fully alive. You just don’t realize how limited your scope on life is until God truly opens your eyes. God’s grace enables you to discover your true purpose in life. Believe it or not you were fearfully and wonderfully made on purpose for a specific purpose. And God’s grace enables you to be strong in Him even in your most difficult moments. His power is working in your weakness.

I’m grateful for the Cherie Chan’s in my life, and I’m blessed to have had many like her. My optimism, my thirst for learning, and my desire to help others succeed have all been fueled by the enabling moments of great people in my life. But above all, I’m most grateful for God’s grace. It has brought me to life, unlocked my purpose, and carried me in the darkness. What’s God’s grace going to enable you to do this year?

Questions for Reflection:

What has God’s grace enabled in your life?

What good works have you specifically been created to do?

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